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Discovering Her Path

When selecting a college, Lauren Sims considered business schools closer to her home in California. What caught her eye about University of Oregon’s Lundquist College of Business were offerings like direct admission and a broad selection of majors besides business administration. Now in her third year and studying accounting and minoring in ethics, Sims looks back on her time at Lundquist and the many unexpected opportunities she discovered once she enrolled.

At the Lundquist College, students are encouraged to explore their options before choosing a major, and that attracted Sims from the start. It also helped her find a path: accounting.

“I never thought I would land in accounting,” Sims said. “I got to sit down with a few of my professors before I chose my path. I had no idea they had such a good networking system.”

Broadening Sims’s horizons at the Lundquist College was time spent as a “Biz-tern” for the BizARC. Through BizARC—or the Business Academic Residential Community—business students live together and take classes as a cohort, helping to support one another and share resources.

Helping comes naturally to Sims. She is also a peer advisor and mentor at the Lundquist College Flight School, fostering relationships with diverse sets of students at the Lundquist College from all over the world.

Through these opportunities, Sims said she learned leadership skills and met new people from different backgrounds.

Referring to her time as a Flight School mentor, she said, “It’s amazing watching how quickly my freshman team learned to adapt to the school and push their educational goals. I’m proud to be a part of their journey.”

Lorena Landeros is Sims’s supervisor at both BizARC and at the Flight School. She’s also one of Sims’s academic advisors at the Lundquist College.

“Lauren is a fantastic student who’s found ways to make connections and stay engaged,” Landeros said. “She has thrown herself fully into the college experience. Her personality makes her super approachable and connecting with her is easy. Her mentees love having her as a mentor, and she’s really helped us move Flight School in the direction we want.”

Another opportunity Sims has taken advantage of at the college is its “Meet the Firms” events, bringing students at the Lundquist College face-to-face with professionals in the broader Eugene community and beyond. She looks forward to a summer 2022 internships with the Irvine, California branch of the Moss Adams public accounting firm.

When not in class, Sims spends time outdoors, rock climbing, hiking, and swimming. She also loves coffee, plants, and spending time with friends.

To any student who’s considering Lundquist College, Sims said it’s a great option.

“It opens doors that I never would have thought about. You’ll meet people in business. You’ll learn a lot,” Sims said.

—William Kennedy, Lundquist College Communications