Looptworks, SPM Upcycle UO Uniforms

University of Oregon sports team uniforms tend to get a lot of attention for their style and innovation. Now, a new partnership among UO Athletics, the Lundquist College, and a local company is giving the athletic apparel life beyond the field.

Looptworks, a Portland, Oregon-based upcycling company helmed by a UO alumnus, has joined forces with UO Athletics and the UO Sports Product Management program to deconstruct athletic gear and repurpose into the new fan product line Re-Duck.

The company's name derives from an effort to “close the loop" from manufacturing to product production to reuse, saving useable materials from landfills or incinerators. Another win: a portion of the proceeds benefit the Sports Product Management program, whose students are partners in product creation, development, and marketing. Learn more about how this is done in a short video.

Additionally, the new products are sewn and upcycled in Oregon, contributing to the local economy. Looptworks also partners with Relay Resources, a non-profit that employs people that face barriers to employment.

“As an alumnus myself, I was excited to bring the athletic and academic sides of the University together in a project that benefits the planet and allows Duck fans to support the teams and the school," said Scott Hamlin, founder and CEO of Looptworks.

“To me, Re-Duck is a phenomenal opportunity for our students to gain knowledge in supply chain, product lifecycle, corporate partnerships, product design, marketing, and more," said Roger Best, cofounder of the UO Sports Product Management program. “And fans get a piece of history that is also a useful product in their day-to-day lives."

Current Re-Duck offerings include a toiletry bag, pillow, hip pack, and two different styles of backpacks. Take a look at Oregon Re-Duck products on the Looptworks website.

The limited-edition products are available at the University of Oregon Duck Store and on the Looptworks website.

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—AnneMarie Knepper-Sjoblom "05, Lundquist College Communications