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Management Department Research Highlights

The Lundquist College of Business management department is hard at work producing quality research with impact far beyond the classroom.

Department head and Carolyn S. Chambers Professor of Management Anne Parmigiani recently shared that our researchers are providing context to an evolving business world with takeaways including

Faculty research interests encompass far-reaching concepts, including the influences of the natural environment on strategy, interfirm relationships, the development and commercialization of technological innovations, the interface between work and life domains, multilateral collaboration, entrepreneurship, diversity, fairness, and gig work, Parmigiani said.

“This work demonstrates our research impact and how it can be applied to businesses,” Parmigiani said. “I believe it can be very effective as a recruitment tool, especially for potential faculty and doctoral students.”

Management Research by the Numbers

Since 2014, 11 research faculty have published 68 papers, 39 of which were in Financial Times top 50 journals.

In addition, work by Lundquist College management faculty has also been cited nearly 16,000 times, according to Google Scholar.

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