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Robert Ready

Associate Professor of Finance | Robert J. and Leona M. DeArmond Research Scholar

Affiliations: Finance, Cameron Center for Finance and Securities Analysis, Master of Science in Finance, Oregon MBA, Undergraduate Programs
Phone: 541-346-8653
Office: Lillis 382


Honors and Awards:
  • Goulet Outstanding Research Award, 2018

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Areas of Expertise

  • Asset pricing
  • Commodities
  • International finance
  • Macroeconomics

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Journal Articles:

Ready, Mark J., and Robert C. Ready. "Order Flows and Financial Investor Impacts in Commodity Futures Markets." Review of Financial Studies, 35, no. 10: 4712-4755.

October 2022

Colacito, Ric, Mariano M. Croce, Federico Gavazzoni, and Robert Ready. "Currency Risk Factors in a Recursive Multicountry Economy." Journal of Finance 73, no. 6: 2719-2756.

December 2018

Ready, Robert. "Oil Consumption, Economic Growth, and Oil Futures: The Impact of Long-Run Oil Supply Uncertainty on Asset Prices." Journal of Monetary Economics 94: 1-26.

April 2018

Ready, Robert. "Oil Prices and the Stock Market." Review of Finance 22, no. 1: 155-176.

February 2018

Ready, Robert, Nikolai Roussanov, and Colin Ward. "Commodity Trade and the Carry Trade: A Tale of Two Countries." Journal of Finance 72, no. 6: 2629-2684.

December 2017

Ready, Robert, Nikolai Roussanov, and Colin Ward. "After the Tide: Commodity Currencies and Global Trade." Journal of Monetary Economics 85: 69-86.

January 2017

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