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David Boush

Professor Emerit of Marketing

Affiliations: Marketing
Phone: 541-412-3794
Office: 38 NW Davis St., Ste 200



David Boush is a professor emerit of marketing at the University of Oregon's Lundquist College of Business. His research interests center on the relationship between consumer behavior and marketing management decisions. Recent studies have focused particularly on the way consumers respond to advertising and on the way consumers use brand image in the process of choosing products. He has done consulting and executive training for US West, the Donaldson Company, P.W. Pipe, and the Bank of Newport. He is also a former marketing research analyst for Hallmark Cards. He is a member of the American Marketing Association, the Association for Consumer Research, the Academy of Marketing Science, and the Society for Consumer Psychology.

Degree History:
  • PhD, University of Minnesota, 1988
  • MBA, University of Wisconsin, 1977
  • BA, University of Wisconsin, 1975
Professional Leadership:
  • Editorial Board, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science

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Journal Articles:

Xie, Guan-Xin, David M. Boush, and Raymond R. Liu. "Tactical Deception in Covert Selling: A Persuasion Knowledge Perspective." Journal of Marketing Communications 21, no. 3: 224-240.

January 2015

Whalen, Peter S., and David M. Boush. "Why, How and to What Effect Do Firms Deviate from Their Intended Marketing Plans? Toward a Taxonomy of Post Plan Improvisations." European Journal of Marketing 48, no. 3/4: 453-476.

March 2014

Xie, Guang-Xin, and David M. Boush. "How Susceptible are Consumers to Deceptive Advertising Claims? A Retrospective Look at the Experimental Research Literature." The Marketing Review 11 no. 3: 293-314.

July 2011

Jones, Scott A., K. Damon Aiken, and David M. Boush. "Integrating Experience, Advertising and Electronic Word of Mouth." Journal of Internet Commerce 8 no. 3/4: 246-267.

September 2009

Aiken, K. Damon, and David M. Boush. "Trustmarks, Objective Source Ratings, and Implied Investments in Advertising: An Investigation of Website Signals." Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science 34, no. 3: 308-323.

June 2006

Wright, Peter, Marian Friestad, and David M. Boush. "The Development of Marketplace Persuasion Knowledge in Children, Adolescents, and Young Adults." Journal of Public Policy and Marketing 24, no. 2: 222-233.

September 2005

Rose, Gregory M., David M. Boush, and Aviv Shoham. "Family Communication and Children’s Purchasing Influence: A Cross-National Examination." Journal of Business Research 55, no. 11: 867-873.

November 2002

Marshall, R. Scott, and David M. Boush. "Dynamic Decision-Making: A Cross-Cultural Comparison of U.S. and Peruvian Export Managers." Journal of International Business Studies 32, no. 4: 873-893.

December 2001

Kahle, Lynn R., David M. Boush, Mark Phelps. "Good Morning Vietnam: An Ethical Analysis of Nike Activities in Southeast Asia." Sports Marketing Quarterly 9, no. 1.

March 2000

Boush, David M., Marian Friestad, and Peter Wright. Deception in the Marketplace: The Psychology of Deceptive Persuasion and Consumer Self Protection. New York: Routledge. Translated into Japanese in 2011.

May 2009
Book Chapters:

Boush, David, and L. Kahle. "What, and How, We Can Learn From Online Consumer Discussion Groups." In Online Consumer Psychology: Understanding and Influencing Behavior in the Virtual World, edited by Curtis P. Haugtvedt, Karen A. Machleit, and Richard Yalch. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.

November 2004

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