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Alan Meyer

Professor Emerit of Management

Affiliations: Management, Lundquist Center for Entrepreneurship
Phone: 541-346-5178
Office: Anstett 397D



Alan Meyer studies industry emergence, corporate venturing, and technology entrepreneurship using organizational theory and sociology as theoretical frames. He is a field researcher who triangulates between archival data and primary data gathered through interviews and naturalistic observation. His early research explored the health care sector, with a focus on hospitals' responses to 'environmental jolts'—unexpected shocks that created natural experiments in organizational change.

Nanotechnology and venture capital are recent research contexts, where the National Science Foundation has supported his work on corporations' adoption of venture capitalists' investment practices, and the emergence of a network of scientists, entrepreneurs, and investors seeking to commercialize nanotechnology. Meyer has been awarded grants totaling more than $2.1M by the National Science Foundation, the National Center for Health Services Research, the U.S. Army Research Institute, the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, Oregon Nanoscience and Microtechnologies Institute, and the Australian Research Council.

Meyer cofounded the Lundquist Center for Entrepreuership's Technology Entrepreneurship Program, an interdisciplinary program that enables graduate students in business, law, and the sciences to work in multi-disciplinary teams to pursue the commercialization of leading-edge technologies invented by scientists at UO, OSU, OHSU, and the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. He currently facilitates Academy of Management sponsored bootcamp-style workshops that mentor young African management scholars in Ghana, Rwanda, and South Africa.

Meyer has served as associate editor in chief for Organization Science; as associate editor for Academy of Management Journal; and on the editorial boards of Strategic Management Journal, Administrative Science Quarterly, Organization Science, and Academy of Management Journal. He has co-edited special issues of Organization Science, Journal of Management Studies, Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, and Academy of Management Journal.

Degree History:
  • PhD, University of California Berkeley, 1978
  • MBA, University of Washington, 1970
  • BA, University of Washington, 1968
Previous Positions:
  • Technology Entrepreneurship Researcher in Residence, School of Business, University of Queensland, Australia
  • Visiting Research Fellow, Center for Work, Technology, and Organization, Stanford University
  • Visiting Professor, School of Business, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
  • Visiting Professor, Johnson Graduate School of Management, Cornell University
Professional Leadership:
  • Fellow, Academy of Management
  • Editorial Board, Strategic Management Journal
  • Advisory Board, Academy of Management Annals
  • Advisory Board, Academy of Management Discoveries

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Areas of Expertise

General Research Areas:

  • Innovation and change
  • Institutional theory
  • Organization theory and design
  • Organizational and managerial cognition
  • Strategic management

Specialized Topics:

  • Corporate venture capital
  • Healthcare organization and management
  • Industry emergence
  • Nanotechnology commercialization
  • Regional economic development and identity
  • Technology entrepreneurship

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Journal Articles:

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March 2020

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July 1978
Book Chapters:

Gaba, Vibha, and Alan D. Meyer. "Discontinuous Change in Organizational Fields." In Oxford Handbook of Organizational Change, edited by Marshall Scott Poole and Andrew Van de Ven, 364-396. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press.

July 2021

Anderson, Phillip, and Alan D. Meyer. "Complexity Theory and Process Organization Studies." In The SAGE Handbook of Process Organization Studies, edited by Ann Langley and Haridimos Tsoukas. London: SAGE Publishing.

October 2017

In the News

Professor Emerit Alan Meyer is the recipient of the 2022 Academy of Management Distinguished Service Award.
Management professor Alan Meyer's research on hospital workers' response to Ebola in Australia can be applied to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Professor emeritus of management Alan Meyer was recognized as “a researcher who goes the extra mile” with a 2018 OMT (Organization and Management Theory) Distinguished Scholar Award.
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