Business Research Institute

The Business Research Institute (BRI) is a modern agency-inspired research facility in the midst of a vibrant academic environment.

Located in the beautiful Lillis Business Complex at the University of Oregon's Lundquist College of Business, the BRI is the hub for developing relationships between customers, researchers, businesses, and agencies. Exceptionally designed to facilitate leading-edge research, the BRI draws businesses and researchers from around the world who leverage the facility for

  • Qualitative research: focus groups and in-depth interviews
  • Experimental and survey research
  • Consumer behavior studies
  • Regional, national, and international collaboration
  • Videoconferences and seminars
  • Corporate workshops

Because the BRI is housed on the University of Oregon campus, it provides unique access to and collaboration with faculty experts, diverse demographics and student populations from around the world, and sophisticated technological infrastructure. In addition, the city of Eugene, home of the University of Oregon, is regarded as trendsetting in sustainability, sports, social issues, and technology adoption.

Those using the BRI also make a philanthropic impact, inspiring research innovation among students and faculty in addition to benefiting learning and training initiatives.

HEDCO Foundation Research Laboratory

Computer lab ideal for experiments, usability studies, and training.

  • Twenty-station computer laboratory and researcher desk
  • Remote computer administration and observation through Netop
  • Video data display system using a 65-inch LCD flat panel
  • Video projection system with drop-down screen
  • Laptop computer and audio input connectivity
  • One-way mirror with viewing in adjacent control room
  • Headsets for each computer station
  • Access to reception area and small group room

HEDCO is a private foundation that supports a wide range of philanthropic endeavors, from gifts to purchase equipment and technology for projects advancing scientific and medical research to grants for building projects that support professional practice or address social welfare.

ESI Collaboration Studio

In Honor of Douglas C. Strain

Designed for qualitative research (especially focus groups), videoconferencing, and seminars.

  • Video data display system using a 52-inch LCD flat panel
  • Video projection system with drop-down screen
  • Laptop computer and audio input connectivity
  • Audio systems with flush in-ceiling speakers, ceiling mounted button microphones, wireless table and lapel microphones, sound masking
  • One-way mirror with viewing in adjacent control room
  • High-speed wireless Internet access
  • Four rectangular tables for multiple configurations, flip chart, and pushpin-ready walls
  • Access from exterior foyer or reception area

Founded in 1944, ESI is a leading supplier of innovative, laser-based manufacturing solutions for the microtechnology industry. ESI is headquartered in Portland, Oregon, with global operations from the Pacific Northwest to the Pacific Rim. ESI's gift to the BRI was in honor of the company's late cofounder Douglas C. Strain, a philanthropist and founding father of Oregon's high-tech industry.

Small Group Room

A collaborative space for in-depth interviews, teleconferencing, and team work sessions.

  • Video data display system using a 46-inch LCD flat panel
  • Laptop computer and audio input connectivity
  • High-speed wireless Internet access
  • Access from exterior hallway or HEDCO Lab
Control Room

Observation space and central hub for the integrated systems in the Business Research Institute.

  • Two one-way mirrors for viewing (one to HEDCO Lab and one to ESI Studio)
  • Observation space for clients and researchers to view the HEDCO Lab and ESI Studio
  • Access from reception area by security-code controlled door

A sophisticated research-agency entry for greeting participants, clients, and visitors.

  • Sound masking
  • High-speed wireless Internet access
  • Access from exterior hallway leading to HEDCO Lab, ESI Studio, and control room


For information or questions:
Location: Chiles 228A, Lillis Business Complex

BRI Co-Directors: Ashley Angulo, Jessica Gamlin, and Noelle Nelson

Lundquist College of Business
1208 University of Oregon
Eugene, Oregon 97403-1208


The Business Research Institute is available for corporations, local businesses, public relations and advertising agencies, research firms, and academic researchers from on and off campus.

Usage fees support ongoing operations of the institute and/or are invested in initiatives to advance research at the University of Oregon Lundquist College of Business.