All Faculty and Staff

Executive Coach

Affiliations: Oregon Executive MBA
Office: 109 NW Naito Parkway, Portland, OR 97209

Academic Director, Sports Product Management Program | Instructor of Product Management

Affiliations: Sports Product Management
Office: 109 NW Naito Parkway, Portland, OR 97209

Senior Customer Relationship Management Administrator

Affiliations: Operations
Phone: 541-346-7505
Office: Lillis 370

Senior Instructor I of Finance

Affiliations: Finance, Undergraduate Programs
Phone: 541-346-3757
Office: Lillis 429

Senior Instructor II of Finance

Affiliations: Finance, Master of Science in Finance, Undergraduate Programs
Phone: 541-346-3323
Office: Lillis 425

Senior Director, Strategic Communications

Affiliations: Strategic Communications
Phone: 541-346-2825
Office: Lillis 332B