All Faculty and Staff

Instructor of Operations and Business Analytics

Affiliations: Operations and Business Analytics
Phone: 541-346-3291
Office: Lillis 421

Graduate Recruiter

Affiliations: Lundquist Admissions, Master of Science in Finance, Oregon MBA
Phone: 541-346-4756
Office: Lillis 145

Graduate Career Advisor, Mohr Career Services

Affiliations: Master of Accounting, Master of Science in Finance, Mohr Career Services, Oregon MBA
Phone: 541-346-4736
Office: Lillis 155

Pro Tem Instructor

Affiliations: Sports Product Management
Office: 109 NW Naito Parkway, Portland, OR 97209

Pro Tem Instructor of Management

Affiliations: Management, Center for Sustainable Business Practices, Undergraduate Programs
Phone: 541-346-3489
Office: Anstett 197