All Faculty and Staff

Professor Emerit of Finance

Affiliations: Finance
Phone: 541-346-3330
Office: Anstett 397D

Associate Director, Development

Affiliations: Development and External Relations
Phone: 503-730-8302
Office: 70 NW Couch St., Suite 320

Senior Associate Dean, Academic Programs | Jack O. Rickli Professor of Business

Affiliations: Accounting, Office of the Dean, Oregon MBA, Oregon Executive MBA, Undergraduate Programs
Phone: 541-346-3210
Office: Lillis 352, Lillis 393G

Professor of Practice | Director, Center for Sustainable Business Practices

Affiliations: Management, Center for Sustainable Business Practices, Oregon MBA, Oregon Executive MBA
Phone: 541-346-7568
Office: Lillis 455A

Pro Tem Instructor of Marketing

Affiliations: Marketing
Office: Anstett 298A

Pro Tem Instructor

Affiliations: Finance
Office: Anstett 291

Pro Tem Instructor of Accounting

Affiliations: Accounting, Undergraduate Programs
Phone: 541-346-8010
Office: Anstett 391E

Peter and Molly Powell Senior Instructor of Management

Affiliations: Management
Phone: 541-346-7569
Office: Peterson 208C

Senior Associate Dean, Faculty and Research | Gerry and Marilyn Cameron Professor of Finance | Director, PhD Program

Affiliations: Finance, Cameron Center for Finance and Securities Analysis, Office of the Dean
Phone: 541-346-5179
Office: Lillis 356, Lillis 389

Director, Business Honors Program | Pro Tem Instructor of Management

Affiliations: Management, Undergraduate Programs
Phone: 541-346-7571
Office: Peterson 208B

Visiting Assistant Professor

Affiliations: Operations and Business Analytics
Office: Lillis 474

Emerit Instructor of Marketing

Affiliations: Marketing
Phone: 541-346-3249
Office: Anstett 293

Senior Associate Director, Student Engagement and Programming

Affiliations: SAIL, Advising and Student Experience, Undergraduate Programs
Phone: 541-346-2151
Office: Peterson 305A

Instructor of Sports Business

Affiliations: Marketing, Warsaw Sports Business Center
Phone: 541-346-3532
Office: Anstett 298D

Pro Tem Instructor

Affiliations: Accounting

Senior Instructor I of Business

Affiliations: Management
Phone: 541-346-3398
Office: Lillis 250D

Associate Director, Industry Engagement, Mohr Career Services | Industry and Alumni Engagement

Affiliations: Industry and Alumni Engagement, Mohr Career Services
Phone: 541-346-1462
Office: Lillis 140D

College Support Specialist

Affiliations: Office of the Dean
Phone: 541-346-9654
Office: Lillis 350